Student Perspectives

MPP Jubilee Projects

Have you ever wondered what a Master of Public Policy student actually studies? We are not going to tell you, but we are going to show you! The MPP Jubilee Projects have been established this year as part of the Hertie School´s 10 Year Anniversary celebrations to showcase the variety of relevant, real life and real world problems that our MPP students tackle. We will follow these students on their journey of researching, documenting and interviewing on diverse topics, resulting in feasible and practical recommendations to foster tangible change in fields such as Economics, Health, Anti-corruption and Politics, among others.

Diversity: A Key to Success

The Hertie School attracts exceptional students. See the graphics below to find out more about where our diverse student body comes from and the academic backgrounds they bring to the programme:

"My classmates included biologists and psychologists. It was all a completely new field, but everyone brought a different skill set and a different vantage point."

Debashree Roy
MPP Alumna

"Studies at the Hertie School are special because students, faculty and guests you meet here are both smart, engaged and solution-oriented. They enjoy intellectual puzzles, but above all they are looking for better ways to solve pressing problems of our societies."

Jan Jakub Chromiec
MPP Alumnus

"Hertie School students are multi-everything, we are multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, multi-tasking—and we still find the time to have fun in Berlin."

Claudia Marcela Granados Vergara
MPP Alumna