Centre for International Security


Grand Strategy

Our work on grand strategy, i.e. overarching ideas about the long-term goals that states should prioritize and the combination of military, political and economic instruments that need to be mobilized to pursue these goals, deals with the major grand strategic challenges facing Germany and Europe. Research at the Centre for International Security investigates the various grand strategic postures Europe (and Germany) can adopt in an era shaped by increased great power competition and a weakening of long-standing alliances. Our work in this research area also deals with nuclear policy, including work on nuclear deterrence and assurance.

Security and Military Cooperation

We are interested in how security and military cooperation is organized on the international level – within international organizations, as members of military alliances or as part of coalitions of the willing. Our research investigates why and how actors decide to participate in international interventions or peacekeeping activities and sheds light on patterns of conflict and cooperation within alliances. Research in this area also attempts to understand the factors that enable and limit cooperation and even integration of security and defence policy within the European Union.

Non-State Actors

Research at the Centre for International Security deals with a variety of non-state actors and political violence, ranging from ethnic groups in civil wars to insurgents or terrorist cells. Our work is interested in explaining transborder linkages, the transnational spread of terrorism, and forced migration patterns. 

New Technologies

Our work in the area of new technologies deals with cyber security, information and communication technology and contentious politics. We investigate media freedom and human rights violations, focusing on attempts by states to use digital communication technologies in their strategies of violent repression.