Research Cooperation: What can the key energy and climate policy regions Germany, China and California learn from each other?


Three international research organisations establish the Energy Policy Exchange Forum [more]

TV Shows and Public Administration – A Watching List


Should I watch TV or read literature on public management & governance? Do both, says Kai Wegrich. Find his ultimate watching list for all you politics buffs with everything from House of Cards to Borgen - DR and Orange is the...

Blog: We are Waiting for Merkel's Address to the Nation by Andrea Römmele


Despite Merkel's optimism in the refugee crisis the Germans are getting tired. Many voluntary helpers feel overwhelmed. The Chancellor should address them in a major public speech says political scientist Andrea Römmele (in...

DFG Research Group: The International Rule of Law – Rise or Decline?


Hertie School Professor Markus Jachtenfuchs is a member of the new DFG research group. [more]

ESMT and Hertie School launch dual degree programme


First Executive MBA/MPA programme in Europe

Study: German Youth Are More Political and Optimistic


Co-author Klaus Hurrelmann speaks of a pragmatic but self-confident generation [more]

Live Webcast: Why Refugees Need Jobs, Bank Accounts and Health Insurance


Join the webcast starting at 5.30 pm to watch Paul Spiegel talk about the refugee crisis.

Hertie School Placed 11 in FAZ-Ranking of German Economists


More influential than a number of big universities. [more]

Blog: Corruption in Germany: What Does the Volkswagen Story Tell Us?


Germany has a problem with transparency despite being perceived as one of the world’s cleanest countries. Young Germans need to act fast, or they might discover that German business integrity is a myth from the time of their...

Blog: Social Entrepreneurs and the Refugee Crisis in Germany


The refugee situation provides an example of how different types of actors can productively complement and coexist in tackling social challenges. But the crisis also rises many questions. [more]

Blog: Six Theses on Berlin's Cultural Policy


Helmut K. Anheier proposed six points, which Berlin could learn from other metropolises (in German).

Christian Traxler Senior Fellow at the New Berlin Center for Consumer Policies


The Hertie School and six research institutions joined forces to study consumer policies and inform policy makers. [more]

Comparative Cultural Policy Study: Berlin on a par with London, Paris, New York


Berlin’s cultural policy needs to overcome two-class public support. / Too little attention given to the digital age and the diversity of inhabitants.

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