Endowed Chairs

One of the key ways to support research and teaching at the Hertie School – and simultaneously promote practical answers for tomorrow’s challenges – is through an endowed chair. Endowed chairs enable us to set an agenda for researching previously neglected fields, as well as to interact with political actors from Germany’s capital and around the globe. Not least of all, they facilitate close contact between experts and students.  

As a professional school of public policy, the Hertie School has extensive experience working with research partners and has already built up Chairs with the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), ]init[ AG, the Karl Schlecht Foundation and the KPMG AG.

Governance of Energy and Infrastructure

Genia Kostka has held the Chair in Governance of Energy and Infrastructure, supported by the Karl Schlecht Foundation, since September 2014.

“From a technological perspective, the restructuring of the Energy Sector poses almost no problem for us today. However, there is a huge lack of comprehensive understanding of the related governance challenges for politics, the economy and society, as well as of Energy and Infrastructure issues on an international level. We are thus very proud to have found a dedicated and forward-thinking partner in the Karl Schlecht Foundation, which likewise acknowledges the critical nature of this topic.”

Prof. Dr. Helmut K. Anheier, President, Hertie School of Governance

“In order to manage the energy transition successfully – not only on a technological but also a societal level, by maintaining our employment ratios, power supply quality and mobility – requires innovative research. The Hertie School with its intersectoral approach is the ideal partner for us in addressing these challenges.”

Prof. h.c. Dipl. Ing. Karl Schlecht, Chairman und Founder of the Karl Schlecht Foundation


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