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Each of our international research projects tackles a specific question, or set of questions, related to current governance challenges.

The Governance Report

The main idea underlying The Governance Report is that the conditions of public policymaking have changed—and continue to change—as a result of: a greater openness of national borders, a growing volume of cross-border economic activity, deepening policy interdependence among countries, more risks and more competition not only among firms but also states, increased public/private partnering, a strengthened role of civil society, and last but not least, major shifts in global power relations.

Given these new realities, policymakers are tasked with seeking out new arrangements that could best meet and foster interests. The search for new policy-making arrangements is on, and so is the search for how interests could best be met and fostered in the longer run given these new realities. New policy approaches and strategies are being explored and tested.

As the thematic focus of the Report changes from year to year, so too does the mix of leading and contributing authors drawn from the Hertie School faculty and the School’s extensive network of partner institutions and researchers. The expertise these authors bring is complemented by that of the members of our International Advisory Committee.

The Dahrendorf Research Project and Symposia

The Dahrendorf research project and symposia are an initiative of the Hertie School of Governance, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Stiftung Mercator.

The objective of the project is to shine a light on how academia can have a productive influence on socio-political discourse. It aims to offer European perspectives on the most pressing global challenges of our time. It seeks to produce academically sound reflections that will stimulate public debate and serve as the basis for concrete policy proposals on the European and global stage.

The Dahrendorf Symposia

The Dahrendorf Symposia, hosted by the Dahrendorf Project, brings together leading academics, policymakers and leaders from the business sector from Germany, the UK, and beyond to discuss global issues with a European perspective.

The first and second Dahrendorf Symposium had explicitly different approaches. The inaugural Dahrendorf Symposium 2011 ‘Changing the Debate on Europe: Moving Beyond Conventional Wisdoms' tackled broad questions on the future of Europe. It encouraged researchers to think about Europe, using the so-called Dahrendorf lens and applying it across a number of areas – it examined Europe as a political space, as an ideological space, as a social space, and as a global actor. The Dahrendorf Symposium 2013 ‘Changing the European debate: Focus on Climate Change´ brought into focus various European perspectives on the leading question 'How to prevent dangerous climate change?' - yet from a multidimensional lens (economic, politic, legal and social).

The Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 on ‘Changing the European Debate: Europe and the World’ will again be hosted by the Hertie School, LSE and Stiftung Mercator. The symposium will form the climax of the project, and will bring into focus various approaches and answers on the leading question ‘What is the future of the European Union’s relations with its border regions (Russia and Ukraine, Turkey and North Africa), and the core regions of the world economy (East Asia and North America)?’. The five transnational, interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral working groups will prepare its content. The symposium, planned to take place in Berlin in mid-2016, aims to set in motion a broad, challenging and multifaceted European debate. It seeks again to engage representatives of the European and global elite in academia, politics, the economy, civil society and the media.

Compared to the previous two symposia, the Dahrendorf Symposium 2016 will put an even stronger emphasis on debate and the science-policy interface. Excellent research will be presented in a format to encourage public, policy-relevant discussion. For further information please visit


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