About Us

Who are we?

The Governance Post is the student magazine of the Hertie School in Berlin, Germany. It is an independent, student-led primarily digital magazine that serves as a journalistic platform for the engaged participation of all Hertie students. The Governance Post aspires to uphold four core values: fostering dialogue; promoting diverse perspectives; communicating with transparency and accountability; and upholding journalistic integrity with a commitment to information literacy, development, and education.

Based in the political heart of Berlin, we have the privilege to witness policy-making at its pulse. Throughout history, Berlin has managed to grow and reinvent itself time and time again. A spirited symbol for change, the liberal and multicultural Berlin we see today continually inspires us to understand today, shape tomorrow – four words that set the goal for the Hertie community.

We feature article sections in Global Politics, Security & Governance; Economics & Finance; Health, Labour & Social PolicyEnergy, Environment & Infrastructure; Digitalisation, Innovation& Technology and Hertie School Life. Together, these elements are designed to cover a wide range of interests for students and researchers in a practice-oriented school.

All illustrations are created by Roland Brückner and the design team at bitteschön.tv.