Public event

The Great Questions of our Times and the Future of the Liberal Order
- How can the liberal order cope with recent global challenges?

What are the great questions of our time?  What does the future of the liberal order hold?
In September the Dahrendorf Forum will bring together a diverse group of social scientists in a series of online panel discussions to unpack the questions they think are timely and relevant in uncertain times.

We pose and explore these questions in the spirit of sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf who wrote that intellectuals “have the duty to doubt everything that is obvious, to make relative all authority, to ask all those questions that no one else dares to ask.”
The contributions by the individual speakers are also part of a collection of online articles which are about to be published by the online, peer-reviewed, transdisciplinary journal Global Perspectives.

Session 3 : How can the liberal order cope with recent global challenges?

  • Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School speaking on "How to ensure a wide-spread acknowledgement of the fundamental value of human lives, in contrast to a fear or hope that robots can 'take all the jobs'?"
  • Wolfgang Seibel, Full Professor of Politics and Public Administration in Konstanz; Adjunct at the Hertie School speaking on Nord Stream 2: How can Germany escape from the Non-Compliance Trap?
  • Jan Zielonka, Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Oxford and Venice, Ca Foscari speaking on How is liberal Europe challenged by the pandemic?

Chair: Helmut Anheier, Dahrendorf Forum Academic Co-Director, Professor of Sociology and Past President at the Hertie School, Berlin

The introduction to the session is accessible here.

To join us for the online panel discussions, please register via email.