Information for current students

Where do I find what?

In addition to a range of student services, the Hertie School has three Internet platforms to help current students navigate academic administration, courses and teaching, and career networking:

Your questions from A-Z

From “Academic Calendar” to “Working in Germany after graduation”: If you have a question the answer is almost certainly in Moodle’s A-Z directory.


Tuition, fees and payment methods

Find all information about tuition, campus fees, administrative fees and payment methods here.


Study abroad

Find out more about exchange and dual degree opportunities in the Study abroad section. The information about the study abroad procedure is in the Study Abroad Guide on Moodle.


Internship and Professional Year

The Career services team is here to support with any questions you have about your internship or the Professional Year programme. Find the guidelines on Moodle’s Career services section. You will also find the guidelines for the internship report and leaves of absence there.


Course enrolment

For more information about individual courses, consult the course catalogue. You can enrol for courses or evaluate them on MyStudies.


Master's thesis

Find information on the master's thesis guidelines, thesis adviser selection process and documents and forms on Moodle. If you have more specific questions, contact the Curricular Affairs (MPP & MIA) or Executive Education teams.


Apply for research data

The Hertie School is recognized as a research entity by Eurostat. This means that microdata from Eurostat can be ordered. This includes, for example: European Community Household Panel, European Union Labour Force Survey, Community Innovation Survey, European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, Structure of Earnings Survey, Adult Education Survey, European Health Interview Survey, Household Budget Survey.

The data is free of charge. However, one has to submit a project proposal before getting access to the data. You can find further details on the application process here.

PhD students have to name their advisors in the project proposal. Also the number of the research entity needs to be mentioned (contact Michaela Kreyenfeld for more details). The proposal can be uploaded on the EUROSTAT webpage after you have registered.

Important: The procedure takes 8-10 weeks!  



School policies

The Hertie School’s house rules, code of conduct, campus security policy, copyright policy, alcohol and drug abuse prevention policy, and list of prohibited network uses are all available for download on Moodle’s School Policies section.


Student life at the Hertie School

Your fellow students are up to some amazing things – read about it in our student magazine "The Governance Post". Check out the events section to find events by students for students. Learn about student clubs, the language tandem programme, sport teams and more on Moodle.



The Hertie School offers a University wide license for the online survey software QuestionPro.

QuestionPro provides you with powerful software for conducting online surveys. The central service is an application that offers survey creation, distribution over multiple channels, and a comprehensive suite for analysing your survey results. Included with the software is the QuestionPro App, a dynamic survey app that offers offline data collection. In addition, QuestionPro Sample offers you access to pre-qualified respondents for your surveys. This proposal details terms with respect to QuestionPro, the QuestionPro App, and QuestionPro Sample. All terms are governed by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy posted at

QuestionPro is offering a university-wide license to students, faculty members and staff of the university. The university-wide license has all the features that come along with the Enterprise-Edition license of QuestionPro. Every account will have all the Enterprise-Edition features along with full access to the QuestionPro technical support team.

Free registration:
(You have to use your Hertie School’s email address for the registration)


QuestionPro also offer free online basic survey trainings and Self Placed Trainingmaterials for academic usage.