Hertie School mourns the passing of Thomas Oppermann

Vice President of the German Bundestag was an integral member of the School’s Board of Trustees over the last 12 years.

Thomas Oppermann was a dedicated and engaged member of the Board from 2008 to just this past August 2020. During his term, he made use of his extensive networks to raise the School’s profile in politics and public administration, especially through the expansion of internship and Professional Year offerings. He was also actively involved in the Hertie community, attending School events and enriching the School’s discussion culture.

With the passing of Thomas Oppermann, the Hertie community has lost a dear friend. On behalf of the Hertie School Board of Trustees, the Hertie School Leadership, and the overall Hertie community, we are deeply grateful for his long-term commitment to the Hertie School. We offer our sincerest condolences to his family.