Citizen empowerment in public services

This course focuses on citizen-oriented policies in the public sector with an emphasis on service users. This emphasis can be applied to almost any public sector organisation, NGO and private business. The instruments of the course also have a wide application in different areas like health, social services, education, citizen safety or the delivery of personal documents like passports.

Main learning objectives:

The course offers students an analytical and practical ‘tool-kit' that allows them to apply customer-focused and citizen-empowerment policies to improve outputs and outcomes that matter to communities.

By the end of this course, students should be able to:

  • understand the role of citizen empowerment in modern governance
  • segment users assess the quality of a public service
  • propose results-oriented objectives that address service satisfaction
  • link citizen empowerment instruments to outcome-oriented results
  • consult and identify the satisfaction of users with service delivery
  • draft an organisational improvement plan that is based on the co-production of services

This course is for 2nd year MIA and MPP students only.