Master of International Affairs  

EU law and governance

The EU has long considered itself 'a community of laws' - i.e. law has played a decisive historical role in structuring and forwarding integration. The role of law in the EU has become, however, increasingly contested in the 2020s. In this course, we will introduce the core topics of EU law, situating them in the context of the system of EU governance and politics of the 2020s. We will focus on all of the EU law's main building blocks - institutions, primacy, internal market, citizenship and fundamental rights. At the same time, we will zoom in on some of the most prominent legal debates and conflicts shaping the 21st century EU (such as the rule of law crisis and clashes between national and European Courts). The overall goal is to better understand how EU law is likely to shape EU governance (and be shaped by it) in the decades to come.

This course is for 1st year MIA students only.