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The Eurozone Crisis: Lessons Learned for Europe's Future

Launch of the Governance Report 2015 with a keynote by Enrico Letta, former Prime Minister of Italy.

With the deepening of integration, the goal of an ever-closer union of European states should also include the development of democratic governance structures that are capable of meeting the many challenges that the union is facing today and will face in the future. Addressing these challenges requires vision and innovation on many levels: it requires new institutions and organisations, commitment and active participation across member states, and, above all, the contributions of many involved actors. After years of ad hoc crisis management, is the European Union on the right track? Can the European project maintain its role as a political model? What internal and external obstacles exist?

The Governance Report 2015 takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring some of these questions, including how stability in the eurozone and the full integration of the European single market can be achieved, how new methods for consultation and decision-making have influenced the legal and institutional framework of the EU, and how crisis management has affected the union's legitimacy. The concept of exploratory governance introduced in this report offers an approach to understanding the complexities of decision-making processes in the wake of the euro crisis. In addition, a set of new governance indicators trace the convergence or divergence of European economies and public opinion over time. Ultimately, the report seeks answers to the question of what could make the European Union succeed, fail, or muddle through from a governance perspective.

The Governance Report 2015 is available in book stores and at Oxford University Press (ISBN 978-0-19-873431-4).


Helmut K. Anheier (President, Hertie School)


Enrico Letta (former Prime Minister of Italy)

Discussion with the authors:

Mark Dawson (Professor of European Law and Governance, Hertie School)
Henrik Enderlein (Associate Dean & Professor of Political Economy, Hertie School; Director, Jacques Delors Institut - Berlin)
Christian Joerges (Professor of Law and Society, Hertie School)


Daniela Schwarzer (Senior Director for Research and Director of the Europe Program, The German Marshall Fund of the United States)


Stefan Wagstyl (Chief Germany Correspondent, Financial Times)