Digitalisation: The top challenge facing public administration

Gerhard Hammerschmid steers nationwide study that highlights the biggest public sector challenges.

The public sector in Germany sees the ongoing development of e-government and digitalisation measures as the biggest challenge it faces over the next five years. In contrast public sector officials on all levels of government, ranked the reception and integration of refugees fifth on the list of challenges.

These are the results of a nationwide study "Zukunftspanel Staat & Verwaltung 2016" by Wegweiser GmbH Berlin Research & Strategy and the Hertie School. The study was presented on 7 June in cooperaiton with the Federal Interior Ministry and the Berlin State Senate. Hertie School Professor Gerhard Hammerschmid conducted the survey amonth 1200 public officials on all levels of government for the fourth time.

The investigation focused on the status quo as well as planned investments in the modernisation of governance, e-government and digitalisation. Another key area of focus in this year's study was how the public institutions are managing the current refugee situation.

Read the article in the Frankurter Allgemeine Zeitung (in German) about the study.




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  • Gerhard Hammerschmid , Professor of Public and Financial Management | Director, Centre for Digital Governance